Seamless Rain Gutters

RainPro Dealer BadgeMajor problems like a leaky basement, a cracked foundation or rotted door sills can be the effect of either poor gutter drainage, or lack of house gutters. Roof runoff going unchecked or worse, an inefficient rain gutter installation, can create serious problems for your home. That’s why it’s important to have a properly functioning system to handle large amounts of water without clogging. The crews at HomeExperts of Maine have over 35 years of experience working with quality seamless rain gutters. Choosing the appropriate number of downspouts, a proper hanger system, coupled with installing everything at precise angles for carrying the maximum amount of water are just some of the reasons why it’s important to have experienced installers with the right product work on your home. Otherwise, you’ll find out why over half of our work is replacing other systems with RainPro Custom Gutters.

Gutters that love the rain

The RainPro Difference

Bigger & Better

– RainPro is a large capacity aluminum gutter system that doesn’t look large.

Architectural Styling

– RainPro’s design and profile complement the look of fine homes and is available in 15 vibrant color choices including red, green and black.

Custom Made On-Site

– All RainPro gutters are formed and cut to size at your home to ensure a perfect fit.

Maximum Strength

– RainPro gutters are made from a heavier gauge metal than standard gutters along with heavy-duty hidden hangers. You need this added strength and durability especially in those flash-flood type of storms.

Ultimate Performance

– RainPro’s unique design and larger downspouts deliver nearly double the water-handling capacity.

Top-Rated Professionals

– HomeAdvisor has rated us as one of their top rated professionals when it comes to selling, manufacturing and installing Seamless Rain Gutters.

HomeAdvisor Top Rated

Our Gutter Service Includes

Gutter Installation Cost

We offer a free, no obligation service to inspect your home and provide you with an accurate to-the-penny price quote. If you are building a new home, want to replace old gutters or have an existing home that needs a water management system, call us or fill out the form on our contact us page for a project quote to have us install gutters on your home.

Gutter Replacement

Older gutters and downspouts have been known to rust, leak and break apart over time, not to mention become difficult to clean. As I mentioned before, much of our work is replacing other older systems that have failed to do the job. With a limited lifetime warranty for product performance and a rain gutter installation which is a cut above the rest, your house would fall apart before our gutters do!

Leaf Protection System

A gutter topper system can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the amount of debris that causes water to stop flowing. If you live anywhere near trees, you’ll want to consider this extra protection which acts as a gutter filter and can save you the hassle of climbing ladders to take care of water problems. We feature the best gutter guards: MicroGuard Leaf covers.

Here is how to get started

  1. Fill out the contact form with your contact information. (We do not sell or give your contact information to anyone. We hate spam as much as you do and promise never to inundate you with useless mail or emails.)
  2. Or, call 207-985-8485 to schedule a free, in-home appointment so we can assess your gutter drainage needs.