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Seamless gutters that match your home

Installing rain gutters should work in more ways than one

Yes, of course if you’re thinking about adding rain gutters to your home you want them to function properly. Why else would you need to choose a specific seamless gutter or gutter company for that matter? If you’re looking to have a gutter installed that is going to match your home’s decor, RainPro seamless gutters have 15 different colors available. In fact, many of our customers love the idea of having us install a gutter with one color and a downspout with another color to match both the trim boards and siding of the home.

white gutter with tan downspoutIn this photo you can see how well the two different colors compliment the existing colors on the home. Plus, you will notice the durable mitre which allows water to be managed and travel around corners with ease. In fact, because RainPro gutters have a larger than average trough and are made of heavy aluminum, they can carry more water over longer distances without buckling. You can learn more about RainPro gutters here and the benefits of having HomeExperts of Maine professionally install your project.

If you’re looking for gutters and downspouts that can accent your homes trim boards, you may consider all one color. These folks in Yarmouth, Maine decided to have us install a darker color called Coal Grey to make the lighter grey, board and batten siding popEstabrook gutter Yarmouth 3. Also, do you  see the amount of trees they have on their property? They decided to have us install MicroGuard Leaf Protection so as not to worry about the gutters clogging ever!

If you would like us to show you what we have to offer, and allow you to compare the difference RainPro seamless gutters can make on your home, please fill out the contact form or call us at 207-985-8485 to schedule a free, in-home appointment and receive a project quote.

Expert gutter installation

Why hire an expert for your gutter installation?

Of course you only want an expert to install anything on your home. However, you probably think installing rain gutters on any home in southern Maine shouldn’t take an expert. You only need someone who isn’t afraid of heights to get on a ladder and nail it to the wall, right? First of all, any of you who shook your head yes to this last sentence shouldn’t be owning any tools. You would never “nail” gutters onto your home, especially in southern Maine!

A proper installation of seamless rain gutters takes a symphony of math to calculate the proper pitch, height, angles and a half dozen other measurements so you don’t see this.

Gutters falling off house

There are other inherent challenges to installing gutters on your home. There are many companies who won’t touch any electrical wires coming into the home where the gutters need to be installed. Case in point, here is a before and after photo of a job we did in Saco, ME. In the before photo, you can see there are electrical wires attached to the fascia where the new gutters are to be installed. We were told by the homeowner that another company wasn’t going to install gutters all the way to the edge where the roof meets the rake because the wires were in the way. Won’t that miss capturing the roof run-off? You bet it will!

Before RainPro Gutters

After RainPro GuttersBefore you decide on a company to install seamless gutters on your home, be sure to get a second opinion if the company can’t install them to cover the whole roof run-off. Something as simple (if handled with care) as moving electrical wires to ensure a proper, professional and expert installation of rain gutters may not be simple to the other so called “Pros”.

Call us to schedule a free, in-home consultation at  207-985-8485 or go to our Contact page to send us a message that you are interested in receiving a price quote for gutters on your home.

Super gutters in southern Maine

There’s only one Kryptonite to these super RainPro gutters in Southern Maine

How strong do installed rain gutters have to be in southern Maine? Well, they don’t need to be more powerful than a locomotive, but definitely better than what Mother Nature can throw at them. Here’s a case study you may find unbelievable. These “super gutters in southern Maine” may have saved this house from a falling tree:
Durable RainPro guttersScratchGuard Limited Lifetime Guarantee



Do you remember the ice storm of 2008? The temperature in December was such that the ground wasn’t frozen yet but patterns of icy showers blanketed the southern Maine region. Since the ground wasn’t frozen, the weight of the ice on this tree caused it to be uprooted and fall toward the house. The tree ricocheted off the RainPro gutters on the back of the house and took out the deck railings. I’m not saying that the RainPro gutter system saved the house from being demolished and helped the home owners dodge a bullet (sorry, another Superman pun), but the ScratchGuard™ finish definitely held up to a falling tree! Also, why do you think the gutters weren’t ripped down along with the deck railings? It’s probably because of the way they were manufactured and installed.

How are RainPro gutters manufactured?

All of our RainPro seamless gutters are manufactured with a heavy gauge aluminum and are formed on the site of our installation. They also come standard with heavy-duty screws that are installed in a hidden hanger system.

Rogers Gutter Lyman 1

How are RainPro gutters installed?

The RainPro seamless gutter system is installed by our employees (not subcontractors) who have installed thousands of feet of gutter on homes in southern Maine. They can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but can reach tall buildings with a single ladder (can’t resist). We are specialists in knowing numerous types of installation techniques and therefore can recommend better solutions to managing your water with RainPro seamless gutters. Not only do we follow the recommended installation procedures as provided by our manufacturer, Englert, but each gutter has industrial strength silicone sealant applied before setting the gutter in place. In addition to the heavy-duty screws in the hidden hanger system, we back-screw every 8 inches to help the sealant adhere to every part of your fascia causing a barrier against water leaking.

There are only two reasons why RainPro seamless gutters won’t work on your home. First, if you decide not to install any gutters and two, if you decide to install an inferior product. So call us at 207-985-8485 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, at-home appointment so we can show you the comparison between RainPro and standard offerings and provide you with a written project quote.