With hundreds of choices for home replacement windows, why would you choose Renewal by Andersen?

For the same reasons we decided to offer them to our customers:

We can offer you an alternative to vinyl replacement windows

We remember when vinyl windows were first introduced in the home improvement industry. They were first thought to be the last replacement window you’ll ever need. However, over half of our work now is replacing vinyl windows because they are not strong enough to hold the weight of any type of glass package over long periods time.

In addition, many homeowners don’t care for the look of PVC on their home. With Renewal by Andersen Windows & Doors you can experience the convenience of maintenance-free windows while keeping the character of your home just the way you want it.

Replacement Windows

Composite windows give you the best of both worlds

Homeowners would agree that if they never rotted, everyone would want wood windows. However, once the natural defense against the elements, the bark, is removed in manufacturing, there’s no stopping the deterioration process.

With so many window options available, it’s tough to know what the best choice is for your home. We can help you choose the best style, material, and energy efficiency for your needs.

Although vinyl windows won’t rot over time, as I mentioned before, there’s an inherent flaw in their structural stability. There is only one guaranteed way to completely protect your home from the elements while enjoying the benefits and features of wood-looking windows. Renewal by Andersen Windows are made of Fibrex® material. This product is a breakthrough in the world of home replacement windows combining the stability of wood with polymers to create a low-maintenance alternative. Let me be bold by saying you can think of Fibrex like Superman without the existence of Kryptonite. Once you have your windows replaced with Renewal by Andersen, you and your home can smile in the face of Mother Nature without flinching.

There are now two versatile installation methods

Renewal by Andersen Windows & Doors are able to be manufactured in a way that each unit will fit perfectly into your home. It’s important to know the difference when a company says they can make custom sized windows and what is actually produced based on their limited capabilities. Meaning many window companies only offer replacement “inserts” for window installations. Once the old sashes have been removed, a new replacement window and frame are inserted into the existing house window frame during installation. This is a common occurrence with those companies who only offer vinyl windows.

There are two main situations when a homeowner needs more than an insert, and a full-frame replacement window is installed. First, a homeowner would need a full-frame replacement window installation if they live in an older home and the window master frames are rotted. Second, for those homeowners who live in newer homes and only have a few rotted window frames but are concerned about all of the replacement windows matching in the house. You can rest assured that Renewal by Andersen offers the best replacement windows to cater to your home’s needs whether they are inserts or full-frame replacements combined with maintenance-free brick moulding.

We pass the rigorous tests even with institutions like Bowdoin College

Back in 2005, Bowdoin College knew they were in need of replacing the windows in their dormitories. However, not just any product could pass their tests. One in particular was a test to show how well different window products stood up to extensive water abuse (in case windows were left open by their residents). Renewal by Andersen Windows were put through their extensive tests and was the best replacement window for their needs. You can rest assured if Bowdoin College chose Renewal, there shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind, so should you.